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Black Eye

Curatorial Statement

Manmade examines the formation of masculine identities and how they are actualized through the body. We look at the body as a recording device—a mirror that reflects our intentions back at us. Thus, these bodies are anything but accidental; they are constructed. The way we inhabit our bodies changes with age, and passes from naively subconscious youth through more delineated adult expressions of a masculine identity. Consciously or subconsciously, men are made.

Manmade | Artists

Michal Chelbin – The Black Eye

Samantha Contis – The Boys

Kathryn Obermaier – Body Builders

Rachel Papo – Desperately Perfect

Viktoria Sorochinski – Daddy

Phillip Toledano – A New Kind of Beauty

Jeffrey Wolin – Inconvenient Stories

Vintage prints courtesy of The Kinsey Institute

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