March Pictura Kids: Favorite Clothes

Pictura Kids

Date & Time

Saturday, March 4 | 11:00am - 12:00pm

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FAR - 202 S Rogers St Bloomington, IN

Inbal Abergil’s exhibit What's Left Behind explores memory and the objects that preserve and trigger memory. Participants should bring a favorite article of clothing (hat, shirt, shoes, team jersey, etc). We will learn observation drawing techniques as we draw the clothing.

Participants will also put on and pose wearing the clothing for a photo to include in their artwork. Our final artwork will record our favorite clothing for exhibit and future memory.


Inbal Abergil’s photographs and interviews document the loss, grief, and healing process experienced by the military families of fallen American soldiers. Read more about her work here:

Ideal for ages 6+ | Ages 3 - 5 must be accompanied by an adult